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Ivor’s Ramblings

Authors Notes


I started writing poetry around ten years ago
when one of my children asked me to help him with his poetry homework!
  Since then I have taken to writing in order to
make sense of things that occur in life.
  The very act of
writing allows me to clear my head and accept that
only conclusions to anything are those interpreted by the individual.


I hope that this collection of my ‘ramblings’ on anything that came to mind
will give my readers the same enjoyment that I had producing them.
There is
no deliberate intention to preach, advise or draw conclusions to life,
only to
say how and why I enjoy it!


I have travelled the realms of desperation, redundancy,
personal loss,
spirituality and depression as have most people.
I have also travelled the
paths of family, friendship, enjoyment,
love and fun and find I prefer these
where possible.
If my ramblings allow anybody to find a pathway between
these avenues
then the
se poems will have served their purpose.

A book of my poetry can be purchased at:
 or any other good online book store.

Ocean Surf, Clashnessie,
Lochinver, IV27 4JF,
Scotland, United Kingdom

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