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Woman’s Work

'A woman's work is never done',
How oft I've heard that call.
While men just sit down on their bum
Just waiting for their fall.

No wonder then, that over time,
Man's place has fell below.
For letting women do the lot,
Has left no place to go.

But women would refute the claim,
That they all rule the land.
They let the fellows still believe,
They have the upper hand.

But I'm the boss in my own house,
My wife grants that to me.
As long as I do what she wants,
And never disagree.

More perfect match was ever made,
Than woman and her man.
The weaker sex has all the things,
That make men what they am.

With smiles and tears and sensual ways,
They keep men in control.
While men just follow in their spell,
Like prisoners on parolle.

Tethered by an inner wish,
To gain their womans praise.
And even when they use their tools,
It's women that apraise.

So think again if you may feel,
Men ever ruled the day.
Since Adam granted Eve's first wish,
Women have led the way.

But living in their shadow,
Is the nicest place to be.
For they're really lovely creatures,
And mine always makes the tea!

Ivor G Davies

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