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A friend phoned me one evening, spilling out despair,
his life was such a burden, he wanted to end it there.
We discussed the consequences, for he knew Id seen a lot
of the souls who travelled that way, when they too had lost the plot.

Though we talked for hours and hours, I could hear it in his voice,
that his life was nearly over as he felt he had no choice.
In despair I told him everything Id met along the way
about souls whod been abandoned and still lost until this day.

There was no way I could help him, for his problems were too great,
he decided that to cure them was to be his final fate
A few weeks later his wife found him, hanging strangled by his tie
and for ever Ill be asking, did he really have to die?

Now this man was loved by colleagues, but he had a troubled life
caused by comfort in a bottle and the stress of family life.
There is nothing that I told him that could even let him see
that the hell that he would enter would not let his soul be free.

Now when I think of Tony, I wish him nought but well
and I hope that he has managed to release himself from hell.
For he was a friend and colleague that I failed to help that day
though Im sure I helped prepare him for some things along the way.

Ivor G Davies

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