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Tones of Death

I hear the sombre tones of death
they linger with no sound
as eerie whispers in my mind
creep echoing around.

These sounds of misery and woe
now mingle with my doubts
and drag me down to places low
with silent screaming shouts.

I know that I must heed their voice
although they’re fraught with fear
and suffer with their helpless plight
until they disappear.

They feed their desolation
 on emotions buried deep
and rising from their agony
they waken from their sleep.

They drain the essence of my life
and rape my very soul
as they seek for a spark of hope
to help to make them whole.

The darkness suffocates my will
as inner strength is drained
and riding on this slender thread
for them release is gained.

Again I feel the pain of loss
from death’s dejected soul
and hope the torment that I bear
is worth my chosen role.

The sombre tones of death I hear
are souls that are not free
but will they ever understand
the pain it causes me

Ivor G Davies

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