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Before the time when time began
before the very thought of man
within a void where there was nought
was essence of a single thought.

From whence it came none now can tell
bred of void or heaven or hell
but as that thought began to grow
that single thought became a flow.

And thus remained for eons of time,
now time was there to draw the line
the tide of thought spread out its seed
now seeking  to fulfil its need

Primeval need to find a place
where it could sample more than space
where it could find a way to stand
and hold emotions in its hand.

As ages past, the seed now sown
developed into thoughts true home
and thought absorbed in lifeís new shell
still washed in void and heaven and hell.

The human race must understand
that thought alone can rule this land
no other  thing can guide their way
its thought that guides the way we play.

So void, or heaven or even hell
its up to you to cast the spell
donít blame all others for the way
you feel about the world today.

Just collect your thoughts, with them unite
and when agreed prepare to fight.
For what you think, is how you play
and  how you spend your time today!

Ivor G Davies

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