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The Day that I Died

Remember, remember the day that I died,
when everyone cheered and nobody cried.
Id lead a short life that was riddled in sin
and I knew in my gut that I never would win.

But that final day when the rope hung me high,
at the point where the hangman insisted I die.
It was then that I knew that I really had won
and never would pay for the deeds that Id done.

For at last I felt free in my ethereal form
and was glad to be rid of the body Id worn.
In a body I knew that I just may get caught,
but no one can see what is done by pure thought.

So if you are thinking I may just kill my wife
or maybe of ending another sods life.
Be sure I am guiding your hand with the gun,
Yes, having no body is really quite fun.

For how can you punish me now that Im dead
for the evil and mischief I put in your head.
Ive swung from a rope for the life that I had
but now with no boundaries I can be really bad.

Oh but it great at last to be free
rape, pillage and plunder are open to me.
With nothing to fear from the men of the law
though I lost livings battle, Ive now won the war.

Remember, remember the day that I died
when everyone cheered and nobody cried.
Their cheers of elation as they saw me die
will soon be forgotten as I make them cry.

Ivor G Davies

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