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Tame the Shrew

Before mankind evolved on Earth
or mammals roamed the land
tíwas only bugs and dinosaurs
that God had ever planned.

But monkeying around one day
he thought heíd have some fun
and made a man to pass his time,
thus mankind had begun.

But boredom overtook him
nothing changed within his land,
so he thought Iíll make a creature
that I cannot understand.

That way Iíll be surprised each day
by how this creature plays
and my boredom will be over
and bring interest to my days.

He named this creature women
but he didnít get it right
he forgot to give her reasons
that she wasnít always right.

So God or Man or creatures
could not ever prove her wrong
and now universal language
shares in womanís nagging tongue.

Its not that Iím complaining
cause it would be just in vain,
and anyhow my ear holes
really couldnít stand the pain.

But my God if you could ever
see your way to tame the shrew
then Iím sure that man would turn from her
and start to worship you!

Ivor G Davies

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