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Now Jack was a soldier of cavalry fame,
a rifleman tried our Beryl to tame
Albie decided to stay out this game
while David in REs gave admin some pain.

Now me in the middle, I just played along,
though a true army brat I just practiced their song.

While Eric in REME on vehicles fed.
Ken joined but changed into a polioceman instead
Ray also joined up, but as last of our bunch
I think he demobbed after eating first lunch.

All our talent I think has gone into the army,
if you add up the years it would quite drive you barmy.
For including my father, I think you will find.
a century of more has gone into their grind!

But talent, I know you meant poetic art,
but it's waffle that sets all our family apart.
We all had to learn how to dive and to duck
and enhanced our talents with a good dose of luck!

Ivor G Davies

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