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Tale of a Tail

Man and monkey sat in a tree
Monkey said "man you're a bit like me"
Man said "Monkey, don't you know"
"I've evolved from your kind long ago"

Monkey sat and groomed his tail,
looked at man so naked and pale.
Finally asked "what have you gained"
"by evolution now ingrained"?

Man replied "an awful lot"
"that animals have never got"
"the chance to climb progression's tree"
"and form a future built for me"

The monkey swung from bough to bough
followed by man who managed somehow
but his new found skill was to no avail
when he slipped and died for the lack of a tail.

The monkey still sits in a tree
not quite the same as you or me
for he has not swapped old for new
in an effort to show what he could do,

Ivor G Davies

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