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Stupid Sense

Said sensible to stupid
have you ever stopped to think
could you also be sensible,
if you took the time to think?

Said stupid back to sensible,
to be sensible like you
would for me, Im really certain
be a stupid thing to do.

Said sensible to stupid
what a stupid thing to say.
if you were really sensible
youd never think that way.

Said stupid then to sensible,
are you stupid, dont you know,
being sensible when stupid
is a place you cannot go.

Forgive me then, said sensible,
I feel quite stupid now,
if I had been more sensible
Id have worked that out somehow.

Said stupid, Ill forgive you
makes sense that we agree
that asking stupid questions
is not sensible to me.

But surely stupid questions
really suit a stupid mind,
Im sensible to ask them
to make sense of what I find.

Well it may be me whos stupid,
sensible I just am not
but if you think youll find an answer
then be sensible....   youll not!

Ivor G Davies

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