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Strong Poetry

I met a man named Ernie,
A true poet, through and through.
Reciting words in accents strong,
He makes his rhymes come true.

When listening to the witty tales,
He tells of ‘things of old’.
I laughed until I split my sides,
Mind, his language was quite bold.

Now poets true, are soft at heart,
But this one don't quite fit.
His words reveal, he's been through hell,
That's where he learned his wit.

From army into prison walls,
He's served for most his life.
To keep us softies safe from harm,
From those who'd give us strife.

While dealing with the dregs of life,
He's found an inner spark.
I know that's where my poet friend,
Learned how to really bark.

Though 'barking mad', is what he is,
And hard as blinking nails.
You only see the 'real' man,
When Ernie tells his tales.

His ravings, spoken all in verse,
With accents course and thick.
Make fun of all the trials of life,
That make most folk feel sick.

If only we could share his way,
When problems fill our head.
For looking at the 'funny side',
Puts all our woes to bed.

But take a tip from one who knows,
And laugh at Ernie's verse.
For if you should upset this man,
You'd better bring your nurse!

Ivor G Davies

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