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Sing a Song of Harmony

I think Ill tell you all about,
the things you should not hear.
About the reason for our life,
why your God placed us here.

Were given life to sample sin
of flesh and mind and soul,
and grab a bit of devilment
to take back to the whole.

For when at last our life is run
we pass to greater things,
and grow our wings and float back up
to where the harpist sings.

To sing a song of harmony
and smile with joy all day;
Oh God, if thats what heavens about,
thats not a place Id stay.

For in heavenly fulfilment
my mind would rot away,
Id shed my wings and tumble back
. to live another day.

For life is for the living,
not for dead beats on a cloud.
To be born again is better
than to always wear a shroud.

Join your Godhead if you must,
stay for eternity.
But Id go back to dwell below,
where life is meant to be.

To share a bit of hell on Earth
and have fun every day,
for living Ill have a beer to drink
and different tunes to play.

So sing a song of harmony
and joke and laugh and dance .
for when youre dead its possible, may not get the chance!

Ivor G Davies

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