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Shadows Lurk

In dankest corners danger lurks,
unseen to human eye
hide creatures from the realms of hell
where none can ever die.

For demons of the lowest plain
cannot a body wear
for theyíre destined to feed the pit
with those lost to despair.

These devils lurking all around
seek food for tormentís fire,
thereís no escaping if they smell
a soul they can acquire.

They drain the essence of your life
if you approach their lair,
the only warning you may get
is prickling of your hair.

By then I fear it is too late
incarcerating souls
they drag them screaming through the gates
that lead to Satanís holes.

So tread in fear when pathways feel
uneasy, not quite right,
for all is lost when being stalked
by shadows of the night.

Ivor G Davies

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