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I took on a job, I thought that I liked,
A service I have to provide.
To rescue poor folk who have had a mishap
In their cars, by Britainís roadside.

For many long years I have done really well,
And I feel it is me who knows best.
If it wasnít for me, and my colleagues alike,
Then our Company would cease to exist!

Do I really believe what my boss says to me?
That our profits went on a decline.
And that losing our way, we would go bust one day,
And surely, thatís their job, not mine.

The problems you see, are theirs; Itís not me!
Theyíre caused by those people inside.
If you left it to me, and let us run free,
Weíd be happy, and bring back our pride.

They said we must change, yes, alter our ways,
Our customers wanted much more.
Iíve been here for years, and I know, I know best,
I told them ďIíve heard it beforeĒ.

Now thereís targets theyíve set, and Iím asked everyday
Does my role really help to provide.
A reason for me to remain on their pay
Do I do what we need to survive?

Our Company now makes a profit, Iím told,
But I groan and complain everyday.
Iím good, donít you know, ĎIí really think so,
Why check? Cosí it best just Ďmy wayí.

The rules are quite clear, I must just do my job,
Iím expected to now get in line.
And give to my customer, colleagues and boss,
What they ask, and meet their needs not mine.

I now see itís my role to provide what they say,
Though sometimes I may disagree.
I really must try, to stop judging them,
And look so much closer at me.

If they make a mistake and I know that they will,
And Iím sure it will show with hindsight.
Iíve got to accept that Iíve often been wrong
Even when I was sure I was right.

Ivor G Davies

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