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I'd like to talk about the folk
who hide behind a mask.
Especially schizophrenic oneís
who know their time has passed.

The ones who like to talk a lot
about the things they know.
And know they're always, always, right.
their best side tells them so.

Who are the fools who risk their all
by showing their own name.
Some even show their face as well
are they bloody insane?

If everybody says they're crap
theyíll have no place to hide,
but have to learn to take the blow
and see the otherís side.

I wouldnít like to get confused
with those with pseudonym,
for this is just an artist choice
the way thatís right for him.

Iím only really speaking of
the ones who hide in shame
in case, for comments on their work
they have to take the blame.

If youíve a name for both of you
that helps you on your way,
please donít forget to take the pills
you should have everyday.

At least produce some poetry
thatís written as a team.
Might I suggest togetherness
becomes your special theme!

 Ivor G Davies

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