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Pissed Off and Tired

Pissed off and tired, Iím not paid enough,
For twenty hour days and all of this stuff.
The phone starts at seven when things have gone wrong,
At  three in the morning, still singing their song.

Planning, correcting, resolving all things,
That being in charge of our engineers brings.
Not I donít like it, thereís no doubt I do,
Itís just I get tired when working right through.

Iíve made a few changes to soften the load,
Of the people whoís workload  I keep in my fold.
Itís early days yet and I hope I can see,
The way to make changes that benefit me.

My boss is my conscience, my vision my drive,
The way I move forward, the reason I strive.
Is to find better ways within our company
To help people have fun when theyíre working for me.

Now moneyís the God that rules Company law,
With profit the deity held up in awe.
I have to bow down to their idol I know,
But thereís differing ways our devotion to show.

You can sacrifice workers, then sell your own soul,
To the devil who claims all of the gold.
Or promise him fortunes with far more to gain,
If we help all the staff to live absent from pain.

Convincing directors that following me,
Will help feed their need for more money to see.
Is an art I have mastered with skill in my years,
While helping employees shed some of their fears.

Although Iím successful in feeding their greed,
The thing I am glad of, is that I succeed,
In making folks lives a bit better than when,
They were virtual slaves to their masters pure whim.

But alas I have not yet reach my personal goal,
To shorten the day that I work for my goal.
For when I can work just an eight hour day,
I too can have fun and some time to play.

Ivor G Davies

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