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Origin of the Species

Darwin has a theory
but he didnít think it through,
it simply isnít possible
that fish made me and you.
Iíve studied every page he wrote
but I donít understand,
why I see no breadcrumbs
on the fingers of my hand.

Genesis proclaims to all
that God created man
using his own image,
is that then what I am?
Iíve studied all thatís in his book
but I donít understand,
why everyoneís so different
if that was what he planned.

Some people have a theory
that we came from outer space
and were colonized by aliens
to form the human race.
Iíve listened to the stories
but I donít understand,
with nowhere left to park on earth
where did their spaceships land.

Now I have got a theory,
you can read it in my book,
for Ivorís Ramblings tells you
if you should take a look.
Just study every page I wrote
and soon youíll understand,
that perhaps it doesnít matter
ÖÖÖif you share a poetís hand!

Ivor G Davies

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