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None so Blind

There's none so blind... or so they say,
but things we see along the way.
are sometimes meant for blinkered eye.
What is it all those billboards cry?

If you lose weight, you'll be divine!
(Hey fatty get a shape like mine?)
Success is yours, Financial gain!
(To grab your money is our game?)

We look behind the things they say
as we progress along the way.
So is it that we're really blind
or just see things we want to find?

Bombarded with a load of shite
that tries to tell us what is right.
We've selective blindness to it all
for they're just posters on the wall!

There's none so blind, or so they say,
what is it that you missed today?
While making choices with your sight,
you may have missed much more than shite!

Ivor G Davies

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