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Moving House

Tell me, what is life about?
I wonder why we’re here.
Some people have a lovely life,
While others live in fear.

A ‘state of mind’, or so they say,
But I don’t really know.
There’s more to life than meets the eye,
My instincts tell me so.

It could be, it’s for learning,
For the time we’ll join the ‘whole’.
Why are we left, to fathom out,
The purpose of our role?

I know we carry with us,
Lots of things, ‘that we just know’.
In everything we say and do,
These guide us how to go.

‘To progress the human spirit’,
Is that what our lives are for?
Then why must some be at the top,
With others on the floor?

I feel there’s many ‘levels’,
Both in Heaven, and on Earth.
Of eternal understanding,
That we seem to lose at birth.

Whatever be our ‘mission’,
Through our happiness and pain.
I think that life’s for living,
Both in sunshine, and in rain.

They say there’s ‘many mansions’,
In our ‘Fathers’ house at last.
Maybe, we’re just moving house,
Our time in one has past.

I hope life’s contribution,
Is the ‘references’ we send.
To help our Fathers landlord,
Move us in a house with friends.

Ivor G Davies

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