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Moving Home

Half a home, half a home,
Half a home conjured.
Into the jaws of skip
…….goes all we plundered.

Clear out the crap we said
Make like we now are dead
Into the jaws of death
…….our waste was thundered.

Get rid of all the shit
we must not keep one bit
Time now to throw it out
…….in the skip laundered.

Sorted before we die
Life’s reason flying by
Ignoring plea full cry
…….clearout was ordered.

Memories to right of us
Memories to left of us
Memories we now must push
…….why so we wondered.

Things that we knew so well
Things that we could not sell
Into the jaws of hell
…….all now was lumbered.

Stripping our house near bare
Why then do we despair
Should we now even care
Shedding the things we wear
…….necessity hovered.

Plunged into frantic haste
Plunged into needful waste
Choices on logic based
Leaving our life unlaced
…….why are we bothered.

Old memories never fade
Of the shared choices made
Even when you‘re dismayed
don’t count the price you paid
…….when sunshine was thundered.

Back from the jaws of hell
New home that suits us well
Honour the choices made
Memories that never fade
…….not shatter’d and sundered.

Ivor G Davies

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