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King of the Castle

A man is king within his home
and women stand in line
to meet his every little need
and bring him food and wine.

I only cook and clean and that
when circumstance dictates
I have to give my ears a rest
from that which irritates.

I have a nagging feeling,
no its really more a drone,
that the weapon used by female kind
persists in every home.

To get some peace and quiet
itís the male decides each day
to help out with the housework
so the noise will go away.

We have to find our female side
and play this age old game
for we know who the real 'master' is,
its always been the same.

A man is king within his home
these words were said in jest
So have no nagging doubts 'man'kind
it's women rule the nest!

Ivor G Davies

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