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It’s Possessive

Possessive pronouns get around, these greedy words grab all

thou thy words will be just thine, wherever they may fall.

But whether yours, or theirs, or ours, or mine, or hers, or his

be careful with apostrophes or those that you may miss.

For its, when written thus as - it’s, takes on a different rule,

it’s two entirely different words, or so they said at school.

But what about the plural game, what was it that we learned,

what pens belong to who or whom where boys’ pens are concerned

The boy’s pen surely is just his, but boys’ pens are quite a few,

boys’ pen ,however, shared around would make them wait in queue!   

This plural game can’t get must worse?  I wish that this was true,

for if the item ends in – s  there’s more that we must do.

The boss’ book is his alone, where did the last - s go?

But what if bosses own the book…. it’s time for me to go!

Ivor G Davies

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