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In Your Dreams

At the time of my life, when all should done,
when my life should have transformed into just peace and fun.
The clock hasnít paused
to allow me to sit
for a moment to rest my old bones for a bit.

Busier now than in my hectic life
where I thought that my work had given me strife.
Retirement at last,
the race has now run?
Iím afraid that is not the way itís become.

For twenty four hours I worked every day
when I went to work to bring home the pay.
But now far more hours
I really do need
to just scratch the surface of my every deed.

They say that Iíve now got nothing to do
so Iíve time to help others to see some things through
Builder and plumber
consultant and friend,
there is no direction that I must not bend.

Taxi and baby sitter, help me move home,
mend my computer or repair my phone.
Just when I thought
that Iíd earned a rest
Iím thrown back in the rat race and put to the test.

Although twenty four hours are never enough
and I get real tired with all of this stuff
now in retirement
against time I still race
for the youngsters today canít keep up with lifeís pace.

Look forward to old age, when you can retire
and sit with your slippers in front of the fire.
The time of your life
to relax, so it seems?
A picture so perfectÖÖ. itís all in your dreams!

Ivor G Davies

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