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If only if,...

If only if, we didn’t cry,
When someone poked us in the eye.

If only if, we didn’t weep,
When someone hurt us really deep.

If only if, we used our brains,
Maybe, we would save some pains.

If only if, we wore a smile,
Then we’d be happy all the while.

If only if, we tried our best,
We’d be successful in each test.

If only if, we found a home,
Then, we’d never have to roam.

If only if, we loved this life,
We’d be free from cares and strife.

If only if, we played our part,
And treated others with our heart.

If only if, the world was one,
With hate and prejudice all gone.
Then all mankind would get along.

If only… ‘all’ would sing this song.

Ivor G Davies

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