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Idle rhyme

I want to write a poem,
But my mind will not agree.
It's filled with thoughts of all the things,
That work has thrown at me.

I'd like to have a rest now,
To write a little rhyme,
But it's midnight here in England,
And I haven't got the time.

Tomorrow is another day,
I'll fill with nought but work,
I really must get time to think,
About the words that lurk.

My muse has not departed me,
It knows when I have time,
To sit and play with all my thoughts,
And try to make them rhyme.

This is the way I idle,
Relax and have some fun,
Refresh my inner being,
Join head and soul as one.

I care not if I ramble,
This one is just for me.
There's nothing like a silly rhyme,
To ease the day from me.

Ivor G Davies

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