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I agree

I see that we must now agree to disagree again,
we cannot all see eye to eye, it really is a pain,
at least, at last, we all agree to disagree again
does this means disagreement then is really all in vain,
for agreement of this nature, in disagreement’s name,
means disagreeing really means we all agree the same.

So now we’ve got agreement can we all see eye to eye
and in our disagreement have another chance to try
to reach a full agreement on the things that made us say
that we agreed to disagree and leave it just that way,
or does it simply emphasise that we all disagree
and really must now all agree, agreement cannot be.

I hope that you can all agree that we may disagree
for we all have our opinions on everything we see,
this leads to disagreement and its usual to find
that every single one of us will try to change each mind,
for only when all others show its your point they can see
can we feel at last that we were right, I hope you all agree....

Ivor G Davies

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