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Heavenly Plan

Although I sin, it matters not
as long as I repent.
No matter how much harm I do
before my time is spent.

But I must Ďsee the lightí in time
while earthly shell survives.
Then shed this evil from my soul
while Godís still on my side.

A life of greed and power and lust
for three score years and ten.
And if the Bibleís got it right
I think the timeís right then.

But if the bibleís got it wrong,
no doubt my plan would shatter.
Though still I would not go to Hell
repentance then donít matter.

Itís heads I win, and tail and all,
the Devil has no chance.
For now Iíve read the Holy Book
itís taught me how to dance.

So open up them pearly gates
for me to pass inside.
This prodigal will meet you there
and thank you for the ride!

Ivor G Davies

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