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Heaven in Hell

All people that on Earth do Dwell
if you have sex you'll go to Hell
unless of course you share a ring
then God will let you use your thing.
But you of course must play the game
that hypocrites shout in his name;
the rules are clear you must not stray,
don't question God, it's just that way!

But who interprets God's true word
the story really is absurd,
his rules of course were set in stone
by Moses looking for a home.
But even he thought they were crap,
his temper led to that mishap
when even stone was forced to break,
the rewrite just a second take?

In name of God, from broken stone,
we must not stray from those at home
or you will find without a doubt
then from your home you'll be thrown out.
But was it not another deed forbid by God
let Eve conceive?
For only when he cast both out
did birth of Mankind come about.

All people that on Earth do Dwell
if we have sex we'll go to Hell.
But when we're in that deepest pit
as long as everyone can fit,
I'm sure we all will have some fun
where with our friends we’re joined  as one
and maybe when down there we dwell
we'll share the Devil’s wife as well!

Ivor G Davies

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