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Happy 80th Birthday Grandma Bea

The year when 'Lady Chatterley' was forbidden to appear
and Disney’s 'Steamboat Willy' allowed 'Micky' to get near.
When a solo woman pilot was the first to cross the pool
and 'Duke’s Digga Digga Doo' with his 'Cotton Club' was cool.
When Flemming’s Penicillin' was born to cure our ills
and 'Ascheim' found a test to help give people safer thrills.
In this year arrived a bundle that would take the world by storm
and has lived through eighty decades since that day when she was born.

I met her in a virtual land a few short years ago
attracted by her logic and the way her words would flow.
I found we shared a passion for expressing thought in rhymes
and soon began to understand the soul behind the lines.
A youngster with a wisdom that was born of many years
who willingly would take the time to help out all her peers.
As a poet she was able to express in verse those things
that helped the caterpillar find the beauty of it's wings.

As a poet too I'm grateful for her help along the way
and would thank her for her guidance on the things I write today.
Eighty Years of youthfulness, not weathered down by time,
still leaves a bounce within her step and every single line!
So Happy Birthday Grandma, may I join with all the rest
to send you out a loving thought and wish you all the best.
You’re the youngest oldest person that I’ve met in any day
and I cherish both your friendship and the words you send my way.

 Ivor G Davies

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