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Halloween Night

Spirits that goad have an unspoken code?
yes they certainly have that... you are right.
And they come hale and hearty to join in the  party!
for this is their own special night.

No cause for fright on a Halloween night?
I'm afraid that you've got it all wrong.
the things that are done may just feel like fun,
but believe me your singing 'their' song.

This night above all, there's a hole in the wall
and the demons can usually squeeze through.
In their dark evil way they are searching for prey,
and are seeking out people like you.

Most people don't see where they wander free,
for they enter by most folks back door.
In the morning you find that they've eaten your mind,
then you're not like you was once before.

Though your happy and gay and you still have your say,
you now are not walking alone'.
Soon you'll find by your traits that you’re making new mates
and your old one's won't answer the phone!

For 'possession' you see, is the place they are free
to spread evil and hatred once more.
And the friends t you once had will all think you've turned mad
for you’ll now tread them into the floor.

So on Halloween Night, if your ready to fight,
go out tricking and treating with zest.
But at least take a charm, to keep you from harm,
So you’ll bring no new 'friends' home to rest!

Ivor G Davies

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