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Halloween Dreams

How pleased we are that you're not dead,
you stayed inside and went to bed?
Alas, I had to go out twice
and met some folk who weren't too nice.
With eggs in hand, they didn't care
that older people got a scare.
Not from spirits in the night,
but gangs of youths out for a fight.

I also saw some tiny tots
with bags of sweets in cauldron pots.
Gifts from those who'd met the sight
of ‘ demon' children out at night,
dressed like devils straight from hell
and ringing on their front door bell.
Apart from what some fools had done,
most folk shared in a good nights fun.

I also met some things from hell
that filled the air with putrid spell
searching for some souls to rape
as Halloween opened the gate.
With Angels walking by my side
we shut their gate..with them inside.
But you survived to tell the tale,
your dreams, this time, let you prevail….

Ivor G Davies

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