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I'm scared of ghosties, scared of ghouls,
I won't go out tonight.
I'll hide under my blankets,
and tremble there in fright.
I'm not a silly little kid
who's nightmares make him squeal.
I'm an educated Englishman
who knows that ghosts are real!

I've spent a lot of time with ghosts
(but not at Halloween).
I've seen them, heard them, felt them,
and in their homes I've been.
I brought them into our world,
to visit for a while.
I've made them welcome with their friends,
to laugh and joke and smile.

I've also seen some others
who weren't so very nice.
I've helped to send them on their way,
and offered folks advice.
On how to avoid contact with the ones
who are obscene.
So take advice from one who knows,

Ivor G Davies

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