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Friend in Need

I think I lost a friend today,
I have no reason why.
Itís just she seemed to fade away,
Not even a last sigh.

I donít think that itís what I said,
My words could only please.
Maybe she felt that where I led,
She couldnít go with ease.

My pathways take in many things,
That I take in my stride.
But maybe where my music sings,
From this sheíd rather hide?

But friends in need, are friends indeed,
And I will not turn back.
If others follow where I lead,
Theyíll share whatís in my sack.

I hope my friendís not disappeared,
And very soon will show.
That she can still be friends with me,
Wherever I may go.

She doesnít have to trace my steps,
Are share in every deed.
For losing her would make me sad,
Iím now the friend in need.

Ivor G Davies

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