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Eternity of Life.

We wait around to grow our wings
and find our paradise above,
at last fulfilled and wanting nought
eternity in peace and love.

Iím sorry to disturb this thought
and tell you of the place Iíve seen.-,
it is the place that you have sought
but not quite like the one you dream.

I travel often to this place,
a land where dreams are truly real,
where friends weíve know can touch our soul
and help to heal the loss we feel.

A place where love and joy can fill
the essence of your spiritís core
and lift you to a higher place
than you have ever felt before.

Yes, I have travelled many lands
that stretch beyond our earthly grave
alas, they are not all the same,
not all are washed by comfortís wave.

There is no separate Heaven or Hell
just many mansions filled with souls,
where many levels all reside
and all play very different roles.

Iíve mentioned where itís nice to be
but now I feel that you must know
thereís places youíd not like to be,
but where a lot of lost souls go.

Thereís evil that is living thought
that permutates throughout your mind
and helpless souls that scream and cry
with no release for them to find.

Thereís devils, demons, things pervert
that never could a body wear,
but rape the minds of all they touch
with fear and hatred and despair.

Iíve shared the warmth of heavenly love,
Iíve fought with demons to survive,
Iíve helped show souls whoíve lost the way
a pathway to the other side.

What is the purpose of this place,
the land most seek to find their God,
living life to reach the end
with just rewards for where you trod?

At least at levels near to man,
where individual thoughts prevail,
Iíve found that most still queue in line
to try to cross back through the veil.

For souls scream out to live a life
where flesh allows the mind to feel
both wind and rain and pain and fun
where they can once again be real.

Thereís other levels that Iíve found
where souls all mingle intertwined
when they have reached up to a place
where all can share a common mind.

To share in paradise above
you may traverse through many lives
and realise when you are dead
that you are bored with what survives.

Especially if the heaven you sought
is not your final resting place
and you then have to queue in line
to join again the human race.

So live each moment of your time
and make it where you wish to be,
for nobody can be quite sure
where they will spend eternity.

Ivor G Davies

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