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Eternal Ties

Where stones are planted in a row
with names of those who rot below
where flowers in pots die in between
the weeds that feed on what has been.
Its here the ghosts of past remain
and hang about bound by the name
that on their headstone says to all
just who they were before their fall.

A visit from a long lost friend
helps the dead to still pretend
that they still have a part to play
with those who have not past away.
By hanging round the realms of life,
sons or daughters, husband, wife
may visit them to show they cared
confirming what their stone declared.

But should we bind them to the ground
where ‘rest in peace’ is never found
where spirits wait held by the fear
that all their friends still need them near.
Where statements like “you’ll rot in hell”
become a curse caused by the spell
carved in the stone that says to all
“Your friend is here, feel free to call”

When spirits soar up to the sky
it matters not where bodies lie
but bound by pain of earthly ties
‘eternal peace’ becomes just lies….

Ivor G Davies


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