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Eternal Choice

Beyond the realms of human ken
is knowledge barred from most of men.
Some things that Mankind should not know
lest in their ignorance they sow
the darkest seeds of evil kind
to spread like cancer in manís mind.

Beyond the realms of human thought
are things ignored and are not caught
by those who will not lend their mind
to capture all the good they find
that in the cosmos spreads around
to counter all the evil found.

This battle raging with Mankind
is part of lifetimeís daily grind
where good and evil stand in line
and seek out those on which to dine.
Armageddon, here on Earth
with Mankind tested for their worth.

Their final battles never won
as every lifetime joins the fun,
while some will rise to meet this test
thereís many more join evilís quest
to rule supreme in Devilís claw
forsaking all deemed by Godís law.

Armageddon, Heaven and Hell,
which of these will cast its spell
to mould your life, and mankindís fate,
which one will you let through the gate.
ÖÖÖÖÖ.But be aware that win or lose
                    itís your eternity you choose!

Ivor G Davies

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