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I love a boiled egg in the morning,
as long as it's well boiled all through.
But if it remains very runny,
surprising what soft eggs can do.

They make me head straight to the bathroom,
two minutes I have at the best.
If you think that egg can be runny,
just put a soft one to the test.

But boiled with a nice juicy centre,
the white cooked as firm as can be,
Allows me to dip in my soldiers,
them wash them all down with my tea.

I practised the art of egg boiling,
though trying as hard as I might.
The yoke always turned into granite,
while liquid remained as the white .

Now tell me just how could that happen,
for the yolk in the centre gets hot,
as all that’s  around it stays colder,
……but both share a shell in the pot!

This maybe the reason I married,
a wonderful cook for my wife.
Eggsactly the person to feed me,
boiled eggs for the rest of my life!

Ivor G Davies

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