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Double Vision

With eyesight, that is seeing two,
Iím not quite sure what I should do.
My job needs vision that is keen,
If this gets worse, what will it mean?

The problem is a cataract,
My vision it is still intact.
But seeing two in all I find,
Can sometimes really blow my mind.

A brand new lens will do the trick,
But I must have one really quick.
Because Iím not a man of wealth,
This must be done on Ďnational healthí.

The waiting lists are far too long,
So many times Iíve heard this song.
If soon, Iím not the one they choose,
My livelihood Iím going to lose.

They then will pay me Ďout of workí,
And all will think, itís work I shirk.
But this is not the way I play,
Iíd rather have it done today.

Now I'll just have to wait my turn.
And try to work, that I may earn
Enough for me to help provide,
The things we need, just to survive.

So, Ďsoldier oní is what Iíll do,
With eye that sees not one, but two.
And Ďvisioní of a future time,
When I can drive, with one white line!

Ivor G Davies

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