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Judgement Day?

In the land where no one goes
are many folk who no one knows
It hardens souls to what they're at
(especially when they smell a rat)

Forgive me if I do not care,
I've learned the pain it brings to share.
But pain is just a part of living
and won't deter what I am giving.

So play your games and take my heart
before you choose to then depart.
But just a thought before you go
you only reap the seeds you sow.

Please do not try to close me down
for freedoms speech is worth a frown.
If you don't like the things I say
the choice is yours to stay away.

But if you stay, remember this
all that glistens is not bliss.
For who should throw that fabled stone
at judgement day we stand alone.

Ivor G Davies

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