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Christmas Gift

Christmas is coming,
The year is nearly done.
Nowís the time to wonder,
If life is really fun.

This year is at an end now,
Itís story almost told.
Are you warm and cosy,
Now the weatherís getting cold.

Did you live this year in full,
Or did it slip away.
Enjoying every minute,
Or dreading every day.

Lets hope the yuletide brings us,
Memories sweet and dear.
And not the pain of living,
Through another dreadful year.

Thereís those that want for nothing,
And those with nought at all.
But that is not the reason,
That weíre are happy, not at all.

Itís people make us happy,
And itís people make us sad.
Not the things we live with,
Or the things we never had.

The lonely, face a Christmas,
Of seeing others cheer.
While drowning in the sorrow,
Of the time that they most fear.

The happy, face a Christmas,
Of goodwill and joy for all.
With love of friends and family,
To lift them should they fall.

So spare at thought at Christmas,
For those that are not glad.
And try to understand the things,
That make them feel so sad.

Be happy with your lot in life,
And celebrate in style.
But also please remember,
That itís people make you smile.

So if you wish to give a gift,
That lasts the whole year through.
Donít look around the shops all day,
Thatís not the thing to do.

For thereís a gift that free to give,
That helps to soothe all pain.
Bringing joy and happiness,
In sunshine and in the rain.

At Christmas time a child was sent,
To mankind from above.
To teach the world that we must share,
The perfect gift of love.

Ivor G Davies

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