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Christmas Cheer

Christmas day, two thousand years on,
what happened to peace and goodwill among men.
Nothing has changed since the day it began
when Herod tried hard to get rid of that man.

A lifetime spent fighting to rid man of sin
by spreading Godís word (though it never sunk in).
To finally die, nailed up high on a cross,
that prove to the world those with power are the boss.

We celebrate Christmas to show that we care
for the goodwill of mankind that weíll never share.
For two thousand years has been ravaged with war
thereís no living in peace, too much to fight for.

But Christmas, Iím sure, is just part of the game
to give us a break from a world full of pain.
So when once again it is that time of year
lets join the charade and share Christmas Cheer.

Ivor G Davies

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