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Choosing Light

Once more the dark succumbs to light
as dawn reveals its power,
again returning Mankind’s sight
as all arise from darkness hour.

This daily conquest of Earth’s veil
revives the land at nighttimes’ cost
as dark submits, once more to fail,
and sinks  below horizons lost.

But every dog must have its day
and nighttimes’ dog is darkest night
for when the light has failed its stay
nighttime again will win this fight.

So thus the sands of time persist
as sure as daytime follows night,
and all we touch by fate is kissed
no matter how we choose to fight.

When darkness steals the light of day,
when lost and blinded lacking sight,
its then we seek horizons new
where we may find a glimpse of light.

As dawn awakes with the rising sun,
its healing powers transform each day,
then even fate can be undone
if in its light you choose to stay.

Ivor G Davies

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