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Car Check

Some days when it is time for work,
Although still tired, I do not shirk.
But struggle to get out of bed,
While thoughts of sleep stay in my head.

My workplace is a large marquee,
Thatís put in place by only me.
Itís big enough to fit a car,
But cumbersome, as marques are.

I fix this unit to my van,
A place where all the drivers can.
Be reassured their cars are fine,
Or shown the faults to fix this time.

Even when their news is bad,
For my report, they're really glad.
They really are the nicest folk,
And through the day we laugh and joke.

At end of day when all are done,
Itís not the last of all my fun.
You sometimes then may see me frown,
For I have to strip the marquee down.

Iíll then drive home, my jobís complete,
You know, this day is quite a feat.
Itís not bad when itís dry and warm,
But hard when in a gale or storm.

Iím not complaining, donít you see?
My customers rely on me.
But driving home at end of day,
I know, I had to Ďearní my pay.

Iím not a youngster anymore,
To spend my days down on the floor.
But even though Iím getting old,
I give the service that we sold.

I like my job and always will,
But nowadays find it all Ďuphillí.
So if you chance to see me yawn,
Remember please, when I was born!

Ivor G Davies

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