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Boring Old Farts

Boring old farts, from a time that's gone by,
Still giving advice that they think we will try.
Things nowadays are all so different you see,
Non of them lived in the present like me.

It wasn't the same when they were a child,
They wouldn't survive now, the world's far too wild.
Our planet is no longer placid and tame,
Don't offer advice, for it's just not the same.

All things are now modern, with PCs and phones,
We don't stay in reading, in all of our homes.
We hang around corners with drugs and with booze,
The things that you adults were frightened to use.

So boring old farts, please remember today,
Your words are not relevant now any way.
The fact you invented the new things we see.
Don't mean your advice, could ever help me!

.......Mother Nature always has the last laugh!

Ivor G Davies

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