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Breathing Life

When all about you crumbles
and life becomes a chore,
when despair and desperation
leave you empty to the core.
When there is no point in living
and you wish that you were dead
there is no one that can wake you
from depressionís hopeless bed.

When every straw you grasp at
seems to snap off in your hand
and every step youíre taking
meets with ever shifting sand.
When you soul has sunk to levels
where itís lost the will feel
it is hard to then distinguish
what is false and what is real.

To seek your resurrection
from this darkness into light
you must struggle for direction
as you rise towards the light.
At first itís just a glimmer
like the hopefulness of dawn,
but as the sun gets brighter
it will help to keep you warm.

Itís a long and tedious journey
and it never has an end,
but becomes less of a burden
as you stem the downward trend.
Should sadness comes to haunt you
let life wash its waves away
immersing you with feelings
of new hope in every day.

When all about you crumbles
and life becomes a chore,
it takes courage, strength and effort
to make life worth living for.
But when risen from the ashes
like the Phoenix from the Flame
you can once again start breathing
and enjoy your life again.

Ivor G Davies

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