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Allotted Time

Three score and ten
that leaves me five
should I be glad
Iím still alive

Three score and ten
may seem a lot
until you reach
the halfway slot

But when thereís
only five at last
the other sixty
flew by fast.

But maybe
Iíll be granted more
if I go knocking
on Godís door.

The church I mean
not Pearly Gate
itís there I hope
that Iíll be late.

But singing hymns
what with my voice
the Devil could be
better choice

For he looks after
sinners well
or so Iíve heard
(till theyíre in Hell)

No, better just
to ramble on
till finally
Iím dead and gone

Just live my life
for every day
in fact,
thatís always been my way!

Ivor G Davies

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