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Son of a Gun

I’ve never been to war
or claimed the old king's shilling.
Though born and bred to Army life
I knew the need for killing.

The civi’ kids thought those like me,
were gypsies in their town,
but quickly found how hard it was
to try to knock us down.

The discipline we had at home
meant nothing could compare,
we learn to duck and dive a bit
when trouble’s in the air.

Never caught, escape, evade,
let others take the blame,
the lesson learned by everyone
who played our army game.

Some say it’s tough to move about,
.....stability unsure.
But you learn to make a killing
before others know its war!

Security and stable home
deprives one of the fun
of knowing when to stand and fight
or choose the time to run.

It doesn’t show to look at us,
……our nature's hid away,
but lessons learned in growing up
forever with us stay.

An Army brat, who knew the way
to win by any means.
Be careful all civilians sprogs
things aren’t like what it seems…………..

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