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Capital Carnage

Remember, Remember, the 7th of July,
when seven explosions decided who’d die
as underground stations were bombed into hell,
to fulfil the sick plans of a terrorist cell.

Remember the slaughter, destruction and pain
and the people who'll not see their families again.
Remember the ones who are injured for life
who’ll carry their scars through a lifetime of strife.

Remember that people can be so pervert
as to follow a cause and not care who they hurt.
Is this what's become of the whole human race,
the way some behave is a tragic disgrace.

We'll stand up for Country, for God, and for Queen
and glorify all that is bloody obscene.
We don't give a damn for the carnage we cause
as long as we think that we've backed the right horse.

Remember, Remember, when London was bombed
by terrorist bastards who sung their own song,
but it's not only them who are in evil's spell,
it's half of mankind who reside there as well.

Ivor G Davies

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