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Sea’s Symphony

The oceans and the seas engulf
three quarters of our globe
and yet it’s mostly unexplored,
it’s stories never told.
Creatures that we’ve never seen
and sounds we’ve never heard
and yet we’re reaching for the stars,
I find that most absurd.

For if we listened carefully
to our first mistress, the sea,
we’d find the very source of life
that evolved you and me.
Then knowing where we started from
maybe we could explore,
the reasons why we left our home
and crawled up on the shore.

We think we’ve made a better world
with mobile phones and all,
but even from three thousand miles
a whale can hear a call.
Our ‘inner space’ holds wonders
that mankind has never found
and even when our mistress calls,
we just shut out the sound.

So while we all are reaching for
the planets and the moon,
there’s understanding lacking
that we’ll find out all too soon.
Until you understand yourself
you’ll crawl upon the floor,
for knowing where you came from
is the key to your new door.

The wonders in the ocean
that as yet we do not see.
The longing felt within our heart,
her call to you and me.
The utter fascination of her everlasting lure,
are the things that draw us closer
to the water from the shore.

Ivor G Davies

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