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Beauty they say is all in the mind
but its all in the mind of beholder.
"Your beauty my dear is shining out clear",
those were the first words that I told her.

For an opening line it wasnt divine,
just better than nothing at all
but after a drink, then even one wink
can lead you to having a ball.

She told me she knew my words were untrue
but she figured what I had in mind.
Then said with a grin that her charms I may win
if Id help her fulfilment to find.

So I then had my way and for hours we did play,
no end could I find to her lust.
From the tip of her toes to the end of her nose
and dwelling a while at her bust.

I knew it was right for it felt firm and tight,
twas a coupling of souls meant to be,
we decided right then we must do it again,
forever through eternity!

Now were thirty years on and were still joined as one,
though more weathered and wrinkled a bit,
still from foot to her head Im continually fed
and still pause for a bit at her tit.

But thats not all we share, just mad lust as a pair,
for she even does cooking as well,
though Im getting fat it dont stop what were at,
it just means that we rest for a spell.

So now you can see, what my life means to me,
and how all of my loving is done,
its by standing quite tall when I get natures call
and then making damn sure we have fun.

Ivor G Davies

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